Magical city of Athens

Athens is considered a magical city, with its glorious history, filled with the worshiping of gods. It hasalways been considered the birthplace of civilization – this is where democracy was started, wheremost of the wise men of ancient times lived.

For the most part, the historical center of the town has been transformed into a pedestrian zone, the largest one in Europe, reaching three kilometers in length. This all leads to most of the major archaeological sites – it starts with the temple of Olympian Zeus (dating back to the 6th century BC), which is one of the largest monuments. Nearby, you can find Hadrian’s Arch, which forms the symbolic entrance to the city. Upon entering through the gate, you walk along the DionqsouAreopaghitou Street (which is located on the south side of the Acropolis) and pass the ancient Theatre of Dionysos. There, most of the works of Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylos and Aristophanes were performed. Further along the street, you will reach the ruins of the Asklepieion (dating back to the 5th century BC), as well as the Stoa of Eumenes (from the 2nd century BC) and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus – it was built in the year of 161, and is now used as a venue for the performances of the Athens Festival.

A visit to Athens, however, is more than just a history lesson at the Acropolis. With its vibrant landscape, this city is home to some of the best beaches and seaside destinations in the world. The town is surrounded by pristine beaches, where you can swim for almost 6 months of the year, and you can get there by taking the tram or bus.

There is also a very large number of both permanent and temporary music festivals, art exhibits, fairs and theatre and dance performances, whose popularity only grows year after year. The most famous ones are the Athens International Film Festival (organized in September, screening over 100 films), and the Athens Panorama of European Cinema (a 10 day festival, where new and classical European films are presented; organized in October).

To round up the experience, be sure to visit the Lycabettus Hill. At a height of 277 meters, it makes for the best spot to take in the view of the whole city. From there, you can see the Acropolis, the port of Pireaus, and the island of Aigina, so you definitely won’t regret the climb up.


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